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How to Take Care of Your Health as a Student in Foreign Land (United Kingdom)?

Foreign Student In The UK

If you are a student from a country with a tropical climate, you might face certain difficulties while adjusting to the climate of cold regions like that of the UK. Migrating to a new country for higher studies opens a large number of opportunities for personal growth; you get introduced to new cultures, landmarks, ethics, […]


5 reasons why the final year is not that bad

5 Reasons Why The Final Year Is Not That Bad

Do you hear people say your final year of university will be harder, tiring and a struggle? Students expect their workload to double and yes this can be true and yes it can be harder but is it really that bad?


Ten Quotes of Inspiration on Education

10 Inspirational Educational Quotes

I wanted to share with you all today, 10 inspirational quotes on education because I feel education is one of the most important parts of life and something that everyone must have, because once you have it, it’s yours forever and it opens up many doors of success for you.


How a Pakistani Student can get admission in the UK University?

Pakistani Student in the UK University

United Kingdom offers many educational opportunities to the students from abroad and Pakistan is one of the major sources of students for UK institutions. Pakistani students contribute to the majority of the Asian groups studying in the UK along with their Indian and Chinese counterparts.


Nigerian Students Preferring UK for Higher Education

Nigerian Student to UK for Higher Education

According to the research compiled by the British Council, African nation Nigeria is expected to overtake India very soon for sending their youth for education to the UK universities.