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How to Take Care of Your Health as a Student in Foreign Land (United Kingdom)?

Foreign Student In The UK

If you are a student from a country with a tropical climate, you might face certain difficulties while adjusting to the climate of cold regions like that of the UK. Migrating to a new country for higher studies opens a large number of opportunities for personal growth; you get introduced to new cultures, landmarks, ethics, […]


Top 10 Tips to Help You Complete Your Personal Statement!

Personal Statement

Have a look at the top 10 tips to a personal statement that will help you stand out from the crowd. We have created a useful infographic to help you understand easily too. Please check out the infographic – Stay connected as there are more coming your way.


International Student Timeline to Move to the UK to Study

Timeline For The International Student Moving To The UK

This infographic explains the timeline for international students coming to the UK for study in step-by-step manner. It is very important to understand what are the steps in preparing to move to the UK for a foreign student. It takes lot of advance planning, financial management and mental preparation to move to the country like UK for education, and this infographic explains this very well.


How To Choose Student Accommodation in the UK?

Affordable Students Accommodation

Understanding what the student accommodation is like in the UK is important to know before making your decision of which place you want to spend your first year of university at. This is a big decision as it is where your experience begins, where you will make new friends and build your new home. Here is a breakdown of the different types of accommodation.