Planning to Move to the UK for Study? This is Your To Do list!

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Planning to Study in the UK?

Are you planning to move to the UK for higher education? Here is the checklist that you must have to save the last minute hassle.

Are you planning to move to the UK for higher education? Here is the checklist that you must have to save the last minute hassle.Are you planning to move to the UK for higher education? Here is the checklist that you must have to save the last minute hassle.

UK Student Adviser is indeed your trusted guide that will help you save lot of money and precious time that you may loose running behind the unfriendly agents who may charge you bucks. Why get exploited when you have a dependable guide available online – that too fairly negligible price!

Are you a student looking to study in the UK but don’t know how to begin? UK Student Adviser can help you get started and provide you with everything you need. See our step guide below to help you on your way –

  1. You need to be ready with the checklist of what you want to do in the UK and how are you going to achieve it. The items in your checklist should read everything right from the Visa and application information to finding the perfect college and getting settled in the local culture. This checklist will help you stay organized and clear about your action plan.
  2. Select the Subject: This is a first and the most important step! You need to be doubly sure while deciding the correct subject of study in the UK and the type of qualification you want to achieve.
  3. Select the College/University: Once you are clear about your educational objectives you can search for the relevant colleges and universities offering these courses. You can refer to the which is a very handy tool for locating the institute of your choice in the UK.
  4. Identify Right Institution: With, you can enter the subject name and preferred location and you will be presented with the number of top level colleges and institutes in the UK in no time! You can get the detailed contact information of these institutes and show your interest in joining them.
  5. Contact the Institution: You should contact the institute to find out if you qualify to apply there and any other questions you may have. You can ask few important questions like –
    • How long is the course?
    • How much are the fees?
    • Do I qualify for a loan?
    • How do I apply?
  6. You can also visit wherein you can get some of these answers and the website of your chosen institute.
  7. Apply for Visa: Once you have the confirmation that you have successfully been accepted to join a college/university, you need to apply for the appropriate visa. To know what type of visa you need see our previous article, and visit to find out more details and how to apply.
  8. Find Accommodation: These are the most important and first priority tasks needed doing before moving to the UK. Once you have all this confirmed you can then choose a place to live, be that the university campus or your private accommodation.
  9. Visit UKStudentAdviser: We offer a complete step-by-step guide which is available exclusively at that offers you a complete knowledge and guidance about how to make a trouble free move to the UK. This guide is updated frequently and is kept updated with the latest information about the colleges/ universities, Banks, Accommodation and Travel in the UK.This is available at fairly cheap price 5.99 only and can save you lot of money and precious time simultaneously. Our guide helps you with bank accounts, travel cards and information, money exchange, insurance, understanding UK Immigration and customs laws, jobs and how to apply, tax and all the tourist information you would need when travelling around the UK, such as where to get your home food from, British culture, what sites to visit etc. You can ask any question to us and you will get a prompt reply in time!

Undoubtedly your move to the UK can be a hassle free process and memorable experience. With our services and friendly team, your move to the UK can be smooth sailing and stress free!

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