How To Choose Student Accommodation in the UK?

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Affordable Students Accommodation

There are many types of student accommodation available for foreign students in the UK. You need to select the one depending upon your budget and choice.

Understanding what the student accommodation is like in the UK is important to know before making your decision of which place you want to spend your first year of university at. This is a big decision as it is where your experience begins, where you will make new friends and build your new home.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of accommodation –

University Halls in The UK

  • You will be on the campus with many other students just a short walk from your lecture halls
  • You can be involved in any social events that are advertised on campus with planned transportation for all students
  • Support is always available from your university
  • Best place to stay if you want to be in the heart of socialising and meeting new people
  • You don’t get to choose who you live with so you must be okay with that otherwise another type of accommodation would be more suitable for you
  • You must choose more than one ‘Hall’ on campus because you cannot choose exactly which one you want but choose a couple and then one is selected for you. The quicker you are in sending your application off the more chance you have of getting your first choice.
  • If you’re okay with noise and mess then this will work for you, it is student life after all!
  • Kitchen and bathroom is usually shared you can apply for en-suite though
  • Rooms are standard; single bed, wifi, phone line, satellite, wardrobe etc. are available
  • These are the managed halls with health and safety and security
  • Self-catering and catered options are available
  • Mixed or single sex groups options available
  • Special arrangements available for international students needing to stay during the holidays

Private Student Halls in the UK

  • This is a purpose built student complex
  • Set-up is similar as the university halls but is not owned by the university so the support may be less and you will have to seek for those social events
  • You must enquire about the bills and costs and what you get from living there
  • Some universities do have a formal partnership with some private owned halls so do find this out as it can benefit you
  • Majority of these type of halls are outside the city centre but not far from the university
  • Again, the usual noise and mess of student life is always part of in halls
  • These are also the managed halls with health and safety and security
  • These are ideal for year 2 to 5 year students or those in clearing
  • Self-catering and catered options available
  • Mixed or single sex groups options available
  • Special arrangements are available for international students needing to stay during the holidays

Private Student Accommodation in the UK

  • This is suitable for those who want to be away from the noise and mess of student life and all other student life aspects
  • You get to choose exactly what you want and where and who you want to live with or don’t!
  • Total independence with your rented accommodation and you only have to follow the rules of the landlord
  • You may be away from the campus
  • You may have extra bills outside the standard rental bills
  • No support from university and you will have your landlord for any queries
  • Your own kitchen and bathroom
  • These are totally self-catered places
  • Come and go as you please as long as you follow the rules and regulations of the landlords contract
  • Usually need to give at least a months’ notice to landlord when leaving and a deposit and first month’s rent when moving in

Students Living at Home in the UK

  • This option cuts your costs so you can save a lot more money
  • No relocating and in the comfort of your own home, space and privacy
  • You would need to make that extra effort to meet other students and socialise in university events

Make sure you go visit the accommodation before applying for it as it helps to see it in person than the pictures and of course choose what is suitable for you and your needs. You can always talk to the university or accommodation owners for more advice or any questions you may have. Don’t forget though – for the student halls, its first come first serve! So get your application going quick so you don’t miss out on the accommodation you want.

For any more advice, contact UK Student Adviser for any accommodation help or other services for your new move.

Good Luck!

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