How a Pakistani Student can get admission in the UK University?

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Pakistani Student in the UK University

When it comes to education in abroad, UK Universities have been a center of attraction for many Pakistani students. London has become an educational hub where most of the Pakistani students are found.

United Kingdom offers many educational opportunities to the students from abroad and Pakistan is one of the major sources of students for UK institutions. Pakistani students contribute to the majority of the Asian groups studying in the UK along with their Indian and Chinese counterparts.

What is the criteria of admission for Pakistani Students?

The education system in Pakistan is very different than that in the UK. Only few terminologies may be similar due to its resemblance to the old British academic pattern during British era. Also the entry eligibility and qualification varies from one university to other depending upon the course you want to get admitted to.
Below are the few important facts to be noted by those seeking admission in the UK university –

  • Pakistani students who have taken HSSC qualification need to undergo an international foundation course before applying for a UK bachelor’s degree.
  • Alternatively a three years bachelors degree course from Pakistan with good grades might also be considered for the entry.
  • For a masters degree in the UK, a Pakistani student need to have finished 4-year bachelor honours degree with first grade.
  • Students those have two or three years must also have hold a first division in their Masters degree.

There are more than 2000 Pakistani students currently studying in various universities in the UK. London has become the most popular educational hub for Pakistanis since it offers a multicultural environment wherein majority is formed by Asians.

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