Doing Part-time Master’s degree in the UK? Know the Pros and Cons!

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Part Time Master's Degree in the UK

Doing a part time Master’s Degree in the UK might seem a good idea. However you need to check the pro’s and cons before opting for this. There can be many aspects to why and why not to earn while you learn.

So, you’ve achieved your degree and are now working but feel like you want to learn more so you decide to study a Master degree at your chosen UK University. However, like many others you can study full-time now you have the usual bills to pay, children, mortgage etc. This is where you have a great opportunity to undertake a part-time Masters degree while you work, so you’re getting the best of both worlds!

Here is a list of pros why working and studying part-time is a good option

  • Its flexible to fit around your other commitments
  • Teachers are still professionals and work hard to help you qualify
  • Online learning available
  • You can build your own MA (Bournemouth University provide this practise well)
  • You can combine your knowledge to your day job and can help you be more creative
  • Helps you learn to become an effective leader by balancing your work and personal commitments
  • Tutors are very understandable and flexible to students life of balancing everything
  • It will expand your horizons
  • Employers may be able to fund your course
  • Employers see part-time study as good-time managements skills and commitment
  • Boosts your employment prospects and salary
  • Stimulating experience and help you find new opportunities
  • Tutors can offer solutions if you struggle
  • Networking opportunities

Here are some cons to studying part-time for Master’s degree in the UK

  • It can be challenging
  • Can be harder because of your other commitments
  • Funding can be a struggle if your employer can help you
  • Must be very good at multi-tasking
  • Need support from family and friends
  • Other commitments may get in the way

As you can see, a lot more pros then cons but make sure you do your research and see the course prospects, discuss with your employer, child carers, family and whoever else is part of your life and this new journey you want to take.

Many universities in the UK offer Master degrees and that’s part-time and full-time and it can be much more flexible than when you did your Honours degree. So, do make sure you have the right requirements to apply for the Masters degree and have the time to fit it in to your other life commitments.

A master’s degree in the UK is very rewarding for your future and will be worth it but most importantly you must see for yourself if you can juggle part-time study and your other commitments.

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