5 reasons why the final year is not that bad

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5 Reasons Why The Final Year Is Not That Bad

Many students are tired of their burden of studies and are eagerly seeking some relief from the tedious college work. For those there is a reason to be happy for sure in the final year!

Do you hear people say your final year of university will be harder, tiring and a struggle? Students expect their workload to double and yes this can be true and yes it can be harder but is it really that bad?

It’s mainly just a fear of the final year and how much it counts towards your final grade but that doesn’t mean the fear has to be real, so look in to the final year more optimistically, here’s five reasons why the final year is not so bad.

Have your nights out

It’s now your third year of university and everyone is in the same boat as you with plenty of more work to do, so you can easily say no to a night out, right? You enjoyed the past couple years of plenty of nights out, freshers week and student life to the fullest. Now your work load has gone up you finally have a good reason to tell your friends why you can’t go out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t at all, just not as much as you used to and with your friends being in their final year too they will understand because they too will be feeling the same way.

No more skills lessons

First and second year is all about attending sessions about how to do your work and include lectures on tips from experts and welcome talks etc. By third year you know all this and are a pro at writing and learning skills and much more. So you know when you have a lecture like this you can give it a miss, which means more time to revise and maybe a few lie-ins.

Better accommodation

After living on campus and flats on your first and second year, you can finally say no to all that and move in to a better house. You will know exactly what you want and what questions to ask when looking for a new home. So on your final year of university, you will have a proper house to enjoy your last year and a nicer environment to revise in.

Essays matter

Final year essays count much more than before and this isn’t so bad because it gives you motivation to work harder and achieve successfully. This fear is a good thing because you won’t want to mess up or end up with a low grade, so it makes you work harder and put more time in to your revision.


Graduation day is arriving and it’s the thrill of no more revision or essay writing that will push you. So surely this is another motivation boost to get on with your work and do well so you can celebrate graduation with flying colours but also celebrate the opportunities that await you.

Not so bad if you ask me!

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